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Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Use

Please read these terms and conditions (the "Terms") carefully before using the MindByte Communications Website ("Site") and/or performing services for MindByte.

By using the Site or rendering services to us you signify your consent to these Terms.

The MindByte Communications Ltd (hereafter referred to as MB) grants you permission to view this Site and to print or download material displayed on the Site for your own personal, non-commercial use, provided that you agree to and accept without modification the notices, terms and conditions set forth in this agreement and provided that you keep intact all copyright, trademark and other proprietary notices. You may not however copy, reproduce, republish, upload, transmit or distribute in any way the contents of this Site, including the text, images, audio and video for public or commercial purposes, without written permission from MB. You are also prohibited from using any content of this Site in a frame on any other Internet site in any way without permission.
Your use of this Site constitutes your agreement and acceptance without modification of the notices, terms and conditions set forth herein. In addition as a condition of your use of this Site, you represent and warrant to EMC that you will not use this Site for any purpose that is unlawful, immoral or prohibited by these terms, conditions and notices.

Links to and from other materials
MB may provide hyperlinks to third party sites. The linked sites are not under the control of MB and in no way is MB responsible for the content of any such linked site or for the content of any site linked to such linked site. MB does not endorse companies or products to which it may provide hyperlinks and MB reserves the right to note as such on its Site. MB reserves the unilateral right to terminate any link or linking program at any time. If you decide to access any of the third party sites linked to this Site, you do so at your own risk. Third parties may only provide hyperlinks to the MB main homepage. Any links to underlying sites require a prior written approval from MB.

MB takes great care in creating and maintaining this Site, and in providing accurate and up-to-date content. However, the content of this Site is subject to frequent modifications without prior notice. Therefore, MB does not guarantee the correct and actual status of said content.The visitors to the Site exonerate MB of any liability whatsoever for the content of the Site, the pictures, videos and all other information on the Site or for any use made of it.

Your use of and browsing in this Site is at your own risk. MB does not warrant that the software used for this Site, and the information, the on-line forms, or any other services provided by means of this Site are error-free, or that their use will be uninterrupted. MB expressly disclaims all warranties related to the above-mentioned subject matter, including, without limitation, those of accuracy, condition, merchantability and fitness for particular purpose.
Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Site, in no event shall MB be liable for any loss of profits, revenues, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or other similar damages arising out of or in connection with this Site or out of the use of any of the services proposed by means of this Site.
MB reserves the unilateral right to update, modify, change and alter its Terms at any time. All such updates, modifications, changes and alterations are binding on all users and browsers of the MB Site and will be posted here.

Information, Licenses, etc
You shall have no rights to the proprietary information and related documentation, or any enhancements or modifications thereto, which may be provided to you in order to access specified areas within the Site. You may not sublicense, assign or transfer any licenses granted by MB, and any attempt at such sublicense, assignment or transfer shall be null and void. You may not otherwise copy, distribute, modify, reverse engineer, or create derivative works from this information.

User Submissions
Any communication or material that you transmit to the Site by e-mail or otherwise is, and will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary information and will become the intellectual property of MB. Anything you transmit or post may be used by MB for any purpose. You are prohibited from posting or transmitting to or from this Site any unlawful, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, or other material that may violate any law.

Remarks on Data Protection
We take the protection of your personal data very seriously. So we would like to explain to you when and in what form we store your data and how we use them. We process personal data in strict compliance with Cypriot laws, in particular with the provisions of the Data Protection Act. We save your personal data such as name and/or e-mail address only if you have given us these data yourself directly e.g., when you request our newsletter or via your organization which is a member of our association. In this case, we use the data solely in the scope required for this purpose. We use company and personal information acquired during the course of transactions solely internally for handling communications with you. We do not make any further use of your personal data. You can find out what data we have saved about you at any time by logging into your account. If you have forgotten your access simply send an e-mail or contact us by fax or letter.
If you are not (any longer) in agreement with the use of your personal data or no longer wish to receive our newsletter by e-mail, you may notify us of this at any time and can change or delete all your data directly in your account

A cookie is a small packet of information exchanged between your browser and a Web site such as ours. We use cookies only for indentification and for services to you in a more individual form or to make the use of the Web site more convenient. Among other information, we save the parameters of your last visit to our Web site. In addition, some technical data such as browser type or Java Script status are saved so that access to our Web site is always ideal. However, we do not save any personal data such as your address or your name in our cookies. Most browsers automatically accept cookies. If, however, you wish to visit the Web site without cookies, you can prevent the saving of cookies on your computer. You must simply select the setting "Block cookies" in your browser. However, blocking cookies may lead to limitations in the functioning of our site.

Usage Profile / Tracking
Technology from Google Analytics is used on this Web site to collect and store data in anonymized form for information and optimization purposes. These data are used to create usage profiles under a pseudonym. Cookies can be used as an aid to collect and save data solely in anonymized form.

Data Security
All personal data are transmitted solely in encrypted form. The identity of the server is defined and it is protected from unauthorized access by third parties. Effective algorithms check whether the data have reached the correct recipient completely and unchanged.

If you wish to contact us by e-mail, please keep in mind that the confidentiality of such measures cannot be guaranteed due to the general technical conditions on the Internet. E-mails can also be changed by third parties or be lost.

Purchasing Terms from contracing parties:

MindBuyte exclusively pruchases good and services under these conditions:
As we strive to continue to deliver the highest quality to our clients, we would like to make you aware of the conditions that apply when you accept an assignment with MindByte.

What you commit to:
1. Read all emails, understand our briefs and adhere to any specific instructions.
2. Check that you have received all the relevant working files and immediately inform us if any are missing or corrupted. 3. Use reference materials, campaign/creative brief, checklists, Translation Memories and glossaries provided at all times. 4. Ask any questions as early as possible so we can seek clarification without impacting the agreed deadline. Immediately inform us if you believe you are missing any relevant files or information.
5. Proofread your own work at least once and run a spell check before delivery. If you are working on the Transcreation of a TV commercial ensure that the copy flows and fits video timings.
6. Meet the agreed deadlines at all times.
7. Keep your Transcreation Account Manager regularly updated and alert of any potential delay, with at least 4 days notice.
8. If the quality of the work delivered does not meet any of the above criteria, you agree to rework it according to our feedback, promptly and within the original budget.

What we commit to:
1. Provide a full brief, clear instructions and a unique PO number for each project or part hereof
2. Guidance throughout the project
3. Prompt answers to your queries
4. Whenever possible, provide repeat business or commit to a retainer contract
5. Support with any invoice queries Non-compliance rate deductions MindByte Communications reserves the right to deduct a percentage of the agreed budget for failing to meet any of the above requirements. The penalty will be fair and will depend on the length of the project, the severity of the error, its consequences and the amount of time and work required to rectify it.

Below are two matrices for reference:

Quality based penalties

Type of error- Penalty deduction
No errors and/or less than 3 minor errors0%
3-5 minor errors and/or less than 2 serious errors15-25%
3-7 minor errors and/or less than 3 serious errors25-50%
4 or more minor errors and/or 3 or more serious errors and/or any critical error50-100%

Payment deductions will be made at MindByte Communications's discretion and adjusted according to the word-count or size of the project/sample being reviewed. They will be communicated to talent with justification prior to any deductions being applied. See below for more information on the distinction between minor, serious and critical errors

-Critical Critical errors make the copy not fit for purpose.
- Serious Serious errors of a lesser severity than a critical one, altering the meaning of the sentence. They correspond to errors in accuracy, compliance, content or terminology. Minor Errors that do not compromise the meaning and accuracy of the target text, when in comparison with the original source.

Punctuality based penalties – Translations
Type of delay (with no alert)Penalty deduction
On time or new deadline agreed0%
0-1 hour delay0-10%
1-4 hours delay10-50%
More than 4 hours delay50-100%

It is mandatory to keep MindByte Communications updated on your ability to stick to the agreed deadline via email or phone. Any delays should be notified with at least 4 hours prior notice.

Punctuality based penalties – Journal publishing deadlines and all others

Type of delay (with no alert) Penalty deduction
On time or new deadline agreed0%
0-1 days delay 0-10%
1-4 days delay 10-50%
More than 4 days delay50-100%

It is mandatory to keep MindByte Communications updated on your ability to stick to the agreed deadline via email or phone. Any delays should be notified with at least 4 days prior notice.

We expect that you send regular feedback on your projects. If after repeated unsatisfactory feedback no improvement has been noticed, MindByte Communications reserves the right to cease working with you.

General understanding for third parties contractors
It is important that both parties are clear on the terms of working together so if you have any questions at all please do inform your Transcreation Account Manager. We purchase ONLY and exclusively under Cypriot Law with concerned courts based in Limassol, Cyprus.

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