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Efficient management is in the limelight, regardless whether it is in public administration, healthcare or any other business sector previously known as being semi-efficient. Even safe-havens of mismanagement are fixing issues and have moved into public attention. Stakeholders have had to adapt their business structures accordingly. Examples was the car industry and today it is healthcare.

The scientific world, in particular, still operates largely devoid of real management accountability, for example in healthcare. Nevertheless often highly regarded scientific publications very rarely feature management topics, such as cost effectiveness, safety, equipment design, etc.

Although there are increasing pressures on healthcare systems, for examplerapidly ageing populations, staffing issues such as shortages / national brain drain / burnout, and higher demands and expectations from patients, the healthcare industry also faces the problem that many high level clinicians and healthcare managers lack specific business training or access to updated and relevant news and guidelines on management practices. There is, however, a definite demand for resources to fill this need.

Since 2010 MindByte Communications has been responsible for several leading healthcare publications. With distinguished editorial boards and broad networks of correspondents from specialised fields, experienced editorial teams and strong partnerships with well established associations, our publications and internet platforms provide the practical and management focused information required by our responsive readership.

In this new fast-paced era of technological advances and research, traditional meetings and strategies for disseminating information to decision makers is much more complex. Our media provide the crucial intersections of those managers, heads of department and healthcare leaders in charge of making decisions (in purchasing, etc.) and those companies and industry representatives who have the products and information required to make the important calls.