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Meet Our Team

Christian Marolt
CEO and Member of the Board
E-mail: ceo(&)mindbyte.eu  

Iphigenia Papaioanou
Deputy CEO and President Global Communications
Project Director of HealthManagement.org

E-mail: i(&)healthmanagement.org

Claire Pillar
Managing Editor ICU Management
E-mail: editorial(&)icu-management.org  

Carine Khoury
Director of Corporate Engagement Programmes

E-mail: ck(&)healthmanagement.org

Lucie Robson
Senior Editor HealthManagement.org
E-mail: lr(&)healthmanagement.org

Dalia Hilmi
Staff Editor HealthManagement.org 
E-mail: dh(&)healthmanagement.org

Samna Ghani
Staff Editor Americas
E-mail: office(&)mindbyte.eu

Dran Coronado
Editor APAC
E-mail: office(&)mindbyte.eu

Katya Mitreva
VP Communications
Project Manager ICU Management

E-mail: k.m(&)icu-management.org  

Maria Christodoulidou
Social Media Manager
E-mail: maria(&)healthmanagement.org

Mahjabeen Farooq
Social Media Manager
E-mail: maja(&)healthmanagement.org

Marilena Patatini 
VP Creative Communications  
E-mail: art1(&)mindbyte.eu  

Kathik Raja
CMO and CTO  
E-mail: office(&)mindbyte.eu  

Charlie Swan
Manager HR and ICPD
E-mail: h-r(&)mindbyte.eu  

Kalpesh Soft Dave
VP Web Development  
E-mail: office(&)mindbyte.eu  

Yannis Papanikolaos
E-mail: cfo(&)mindbyte.eu  

Melina Segor
Account Manager  
E-mail: accounts(&)mindbyte.eu  

Sarah del Ponte
Personal Assistant to the Board
E-mail: office(&)mindbyte.eu

Anita Gond
Web Update Manager
E-mail: office(&)mindbyte.eu