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We take pride in serving our partners

MindByte works closely with some of the finest strategic partners in the healthcare industry and we are in the process to expand our services to other sectors. Some of our partners include:

  • European Association of Healthcare IT Managers
    The European Association of Healthcare IT Managers (HITM) is the pan-European umbrella organisation of national associations representing CIOs and healthcare IT managers. HITM is unifying this highly fragmented market and stands for common standards, best practices and excellent management of IT departments.

    Collaboration: Association communications, event promotion and publishing Healthcare IT Management, the Official Journal.
    Website: www.hitm.eu
  • European Association of Hospital Managers 
    The European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM) is the world's largest umbrella organisation representing CEOs, hospital managers and CMOs in Europe. With an active membership of 16,000, it is the most influential interest representation of its kind.

    EAHM's Secretary-General is the Editor-in-Chief of (E)Hospital, the official voice of EAHM; its Vice President is the President of the Editorial Board, thus enforcing the close links with the associations most important communications tool.

    Collaboration: Strategic communications support and publishing the Official Journal (E)Hospital.
    Website: www.eahm.eu.org



Several important collaboration partners finding their voice through our media channels in print and web:

  • Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise - Europe
    The goal of Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) is to stimulate integration of healthcare information resources to improve clinical care. IHE develops and publishes detailed frameworks for implementing established data standards to meet specific healthcare needs and supports testing, demonstration and educational activities to promote the deployment of these frameworks by vendors and users.

    Collaboration: Utilising its communication through IMAGING Management, Healthcare IT Management and Cardiology Management.
    Website: www.ihe-europe.net
  • Management in Radiology
    Management in Radiology (MIR) is the subcommittee on Management of the European Society of Radiology. MIR provides a forum for education and exchange of ideas and state of the art concepts on management within Europe aimed at enhancing the contribution of Radiology to medicine.

    MIR addresses not only core managerial issues but also supportive methods and techniques, especially information and communication technology.

    Collaboration: MIR is the principal partner of IMAGING Management.
    Website: mir-online.org
  • EuroPACS
    The European Society for the promotion of Picture Archiving and Communication Systems in Medicine (EuroPACS) has its core interest in medical images embedded into electronic healthcare, whatever the producer (radiology, nuclear medicine, surgery, cardiology and other clinical fields).

    The objective of the Association is to promote the exchange of information in the fields of research, user experience, implementation, assessment and audit of the benefit of the development and the use of digital systems for the acquisition, storage, transport, processing, display and reproduction of medical pictures (PACS) and related technologies as well as their integration in the eHealth context.

    Collaboration: EuroPACS is a partner of IMAGING Management.
    Website: www.europacs.org 
  • Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery
    Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery (CARS) was established as an initiative with the support of the Senate of Berlin in May 1983 with the aim to establish new congress on information technology in biomedicine. Today, it is the most highly recognised congress in this field, sharing information across the world.

    Collaboration: CARS is a partner of IMAGING Management.
    Website: www.cars-int.org 
  • International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine
    The International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (ISICEM) is organised by the department of Intensive Care Emergency Medicine of Erasme Hospital, Free University of Brussels, in association with the Belgian Society of Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (SIZ). The Symposium has been held every year in March, in Brussels since 1980.

    Today, it is the largest in its field attracting more than 4700 participants from countries worldwide. In collaboration with ISICEM, MindByte publishes the Official Management and Practice Journal of the Congress.

    Collaboration: ISICEM is the principal partner of ICU Management.
    Website: www.intensive.org
  • European Society of Intensive Care Medicine
    The European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM) is an association of individual persons. The objective of the ESICM is the advancement and promotion of knowledge in intensive care medicine.

    Collaboration: ESICM is a partner of ICU Management.
    Website: www.esicm.org