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MindByte Communications’ roots date back to the late 1990s when setting up the Official Journal of the European Association of Hospital Managers and being their in-house agency.

Today we have close relationships with almost 100 leading associations and major congresses, working together to advance management & leadership in healthcare.

Our bespoke media campaigns, design services, communication and editorial copywriting, representation and community intelligence are available to/ on hand to support your goals.


MindByte Communications enjoys close partnerships with leading healthcare companies, professional associations and congresses.

With continual industry developments, enterprises want to share their excellence with potential clients.


HealthManagement is great because it offers so many different communication options. They are not only active in print but also in social media and digital media, enabling us to reach of a variety of audiences. Their service is very good and the team at HealthManagement is proactive, involved and always very engaged.Jenny Beeler

Communications Manager

The team at HealthManagement genuinely cares about getting relevant messages to their audiences. From an agency point of view, we work with them on behalf of our clients because we can reach highly targeted industry decision makers; gold-dust from a marketing point of view!

Annabel Sedgwick

Managing Director

We have been working with HealthManagement.org for over 5 years and we are absolutely delighted with the team and the work they provide for us. We are able to work across various platforms: online, print, emails and videos. They have as well a great social media team able to cover all our events

Zoë Englander

Marketing Manager EMEA

We started working with HealthManagement.org more than 3 years ago. Our impression from the collaboration is very positive and we see a great response from many customers that are looking for us, as HealthManagement.org represents us across all media platforms. We really see added value for our brand.

Willy Luiten

Director Marketing Europe

Working with HealthManagement is a privilege for our company, as it offers the tools to market, advertise or promote in a very diverse way with articles, advertorials, ads and online. It’s a really great way to expose our branding and very easy to have consistent, unified messaging – a really big advantage. We are looking forward to a greater collaboration and partnership with HealthManagement.

Doug Kim

Director Marketing Europe, Communications & Marketing

HealthManagement.org Leadership Community

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Community intelligence

Peer-to-peer engagement

Content creation

Bespoke design

Association management

Company representation

Tradeshow marketing

Campaign management

Client Services

Comprehensive support to your marketing campaigns, from strategic direction to planning and execution and performance analytics.

Content Intelligence

Your ideas, concepts and achievements presented through professionally written content in the format of your choice.

Social Media Management

Establishing and maintaining online visibility and engagemet with your target audience using a wide variety of SM tools.

Design Services

Efficient visual representation of your brand or product to highlight and promote your corporate identity.

Audio Visual

Advanced creation and professional dissemination of multimedia tools to the right audience.

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